Company Offers Conversion Optimized Web Design

There is a leading company, based in Utah, working on the design and creation of custom websites, for clients both locally and around the world.

The team is versatile in many facets of web design and will take the time to discuss your needs and requirements, to ensure that your site is effective as part of your marketing and online strategy. It is all about generating client inquiries that will lead to increased business for your organization.25e5b2a3a0ffe28ce5ce1702d96305b8

Best of all, this can be achieved at an affordable and manageable cost to you.

With experience of fifteen years behind them, the team knows what makes people tick when viewing your website. They know the best ways to utilize images and graphic design, layout and text on screen to be both appealing as well as easy to follow. Today, it is more important than ever to cut through the marketing and advertising maze and get the attention of your website visitors.

In addition, if your site is required for online service and sales as an ecommerce gateway, they are able to advise on the most appropriate platforms for your business and budget. They will be able to integrate the various platforms to your banking solution and will also guide you through the learning process to become familiar with its operation. You are helped the whole way through to completion and handover.

The team at Utah professional web design comprises experts in their respective fields- marketers, programming coders and graphic designers. Between them, your site will be strategically planned and built to meet your goals for business success.

Learn more about web design trends that are soon to happen!

The Top 10 Free Website Design Ebooks of 2015

Over the course of 2015, many web designers have turned to ebooks related to different web design topics. Matt Ellis picks some of the best and most valuable ebooks from this year referring to topics from design trends to CSS best practices.
The top book from 2015 is Web Desing Trends 2015 & 2016, which highlights the largest improvements in web design. It talks about different techniques that have evolved for web design as well as the best ways to use them. The book ending up in second for this year is Inbound Marketing’s Most Wanted: 33 Website Design Crimes to Avoid at All Cost. This book highlights what not to do when creating web designs. Magic of CSS, the third book from this year, shows the better and worse parts of CSS. SEO Myths to leave behind in 2015 describes SEO characteristics that are now outdated. Coming in fifth this year is the Learn from great design ebook that describes some of the top methods of web design. Web UI Design Best Practices is also a very useful book that uses visual aids to go through the process of making a top web design. The seventh book, Building Web Apps with Go, is a guide describing how best to use the website design app Go and use it to its fullest potential. The Essential WordPress Website Launch Checklist makes sure web designers go through everything that needs to be done before completing a web design project. Coming in ninth is Interaction Design Best Practices (Volumes 1 and 2). This book series gives you information about interaction design, and it has everything from tangible to intangible practices. Finally, the tenth book of 2015 is Web Design is Dead. This book basically keeps web designers ahead of the game, and it outlines practices that were once used and are now gone as well as touching on topics that are new today.

2015 Web Design Trends

2015 brought out a whole new vocabulary when talking about web design. Web design has become more interested in the consumer side than ever before. These trends will continue as more businesses use them to better connect with consumers.

These trends have brought about a new age of testing and implementing new ideas. Boldly exploring new frontiers and will change web marketing forever.

Storytelling Is In Your Future

One of the biggest takeaways in this new trend of web design is storytelling. Many brands are now using stories to help engage new customers. Using an informative and entertaining story instead of cold facts is on the upswing.

Indications are customers are loving this trend; it increases their retention of a brand. Web writers are now coming up with new ways to express a brand than just a “press release” type story. You should put storytelling on your to-do list.

The “Info Bites” Have Come

The trend of everything has to be big is waning. More web sites are moving to “Info Bite” sized articles instead of big, long ones. It seems consumers don’t want to take the time to read large articles anymore.

Consumers want to get the information and get on with it. Many sites are changing their plans to accommodate this trend. The key lies in grabbing the customers attention with a short piece of content.d27d785986cbf1451869b29d6939d3c9

This trend is huge coming into the end of 2015. Buzzfeed has nailed it pretty well and other sites are taking notice.

Its All In The Cards

Pinterest pioneered the card layout and now even Google is imitating it. Consumers can’t seem to get enough of this type of layout. It works by presenting small easily scanned content or “cards”.

This make the presentation of the information easy to digest and looks great too. People can quickly find things they are interested in. This does go along with the previous trend as people want fast and easy.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden menus are becoming more popular. Instead of having a menu take up screen real estate, they are a button which brings up other options. As more consumers are using mobile devices this trend will continue well into the future.

This goes along with a more minimalist approach to web design. To put as much visible content on the page as possible. This along with “breadcrumbs” are quickly becoming the new standard in web design.

Going Into 2016

As these trends continue to develop and improve, it will change the face of the web. New technologies and techniques will challenge web designers in the coming year. It all has to do with your site being more consumer friendly.

Going into 2016, the smart businesses will keep up with these trends or be left behind. Keep these trends in mind while planning your 2016 strategy. Implementing them will bring more traffic, satisfied customers, and more income.